Deepa Ramanathan

From Physical to Virtual Classroom

When schools adopted Home-Based Learning (HBL) during the circuit breaker, it was not an easy situation for Ramanathan Deepa’s family to digest. Including Deepa, who sat for her PSLE last month, the family has three school-going children but did not have sufficient equipment to cater to all of their HBL needs. The lone computer at home was much sought after, as Deepa and her siblings took turns to use it.

“There were times when I really couldn’t miss the lesson – be it school or tuition. So, I had to use my mother’s phone to attend classes but it was so difficult. I couldn’t see my teacher properly on the screen, there were volume issues and trying to understand information or participate in the virtual class through a phone was becoming increasingly tough as the days went by,” she said.

All three children are enrolled in SINDA’s STEP tuition and Deepa’s father decided to seek SINDA’s help. And in just a few days, two laptops were provided to the family, so that all three children could have their own device for HBL needs. The timely help enabled Deepa’s parents, who earn just enough to make ends meet, were tremendously grateful that the challenges their kids faced could be eased.

“During HBL, it was very hard for me to see them struggling to pay attention during their lessons, because they didn’t have the right facilities at home. Having a computer became a basic need and I wanted to try and provide each of them with it. Thankfully, I could rely on community organisations like SINDA to help me out with that urgent need,” said Mr Ramanathan.

If you or anyone that you know require help with laptops and related resources, do reach out to SINDA at