The Project Give campaign runs through the year but gains momentum during festive seasons to provide individuals with the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of giving and to remember the less privileged in the community.

Help us create a brighter future for the Indian community!

What's Happening?

Your days will never be the same again with so many exciting activities lined up at SINDA's Project Give Booth. 

Participate & Win

Stand a chance to win attractive prizes this month! Check out what we have lined up for you! 


Build a brighter future for all of us by helping us foster a progressive and inclusive Indian community.

Why your contributions matter?

At SINDA, we are committed to building a strong and vibrant Indian community.


Each year, we assist thousands of students, families and people in need to reach their potential - we want our students to excel in academics, youth to achieve their aspirations and families to lead meaningful lives.


SINDA's assistance to the community is only made possible by contributions and donations from members in the community.

What others say?


P Thuriga


After STEP, I became more disciplined to get on the right track. Everyone has a different speed of learning, so if you take longer to learn than the others, don’t be discouraged. Take your time and you will get there.


Mohamed Firdose

ITE Aspire Participant

I feel that our Indian youths will benefit and grow through programmes such as ITE Aspire and PLP. They may be facing issues such as peer pressure and stress at school, so these programmes would help them spend their time meaningfully, and enable them to discover their potential.



Hello Baby Hamper Recipient

Children need quality time, not ‘quantity’ time. It’s important that parents understand this and spend more time with their children. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand each other in the future. SINDA’s Hello Baby has provided us with the opportunity to do that.



Being involved in SINDA programmes gave me the experience I needed to become a more effective leader and communicator, and to overcome my challenges by effectively managing my commitments.



After the programme, I get messages from the participants, thanking me for my time and guidance. From my experience, I want the youths out there to learn that they should seize every opportunity they get in life. Never stop trying.



SYLP emphasised the importance of knowing what’s happening on the ground, so we can understand issues better. Our sessions equipped me with the courage and resources to meet new people and get to know their concerns better.

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