"I’ve become a confident caregiver to my grandchildren, thanks to the support and guidance SINDA gave me at every step of the way. I worry less now and focus my energy on building a happy and positive home environment for them."

It was not easy for 62-year-old Kala Devi to stomach the fact that she needed to be the primary caregiver to her two grandchildren and provide for them as well. Her single income was insufficient to manage all their expenses and she lacked the knowledge and skills to parent kids in this day and age. Although she was anxious about her various challenges, she was unfazed and knew she could get through them with the right help.

Kala approached SINDA and was immediately assisted by the SINDA Family Service Centre (SFSC). Both her grandchildren, aged 9 and 13, were offered the SINDA bursary to offset some of her financial burdens. Kala herself received aid in the form of counselling to cope with her emotional and caregiving stresses. Through SFSC, she also found employment that allowed her to balance work with her caregiving needs.

Today, Kala is a proud grandmother who enjoys strong bonds with her grandchildren. She is thankful for the assistance she has received and knows that the community has her back, in times of difficulties.