Kavirishini Murukan

Online Learning In All Its Glory

23-year-old Kavirishini Murukan was one excited young lady after becoming a SINDA Football Club (SFC) peer leader not long ago! The past two years spent at SFC has not only helped hone Kavirishini’s football skill, but also strengthened her overall confidence and self-belief. Each weekend was a reminder to her that anything was possible, if she put her mind and focus to it.


However, Covid-19 dampened her spirit this year as physical trainings ground to a halt. “I loved going for my trainings – it was something I looked forward to every weekend. But with Covid-19, I was pretty bummed to know that trainings had to be suspended. My university classes, that were already quite intense, had become virtual and the stress from that was piling on. So, SFC sessions were the only stress-buster for me!”


So, imagine Kavirishini’s happiness, when SINDA adopted virtual platforms for most of its programmes, including SFC: “I was so happy when SINDA arranged for online SFC sessions! Our coach taught us easy-to-do basic drills and physical trainings at home and we even learnt how to create a makeshift football using socks, paper and some tapes. It was really fun!” she quipped.  She also loved the chance to be part of virtual SFC discussions, where participants could meet with football professionals virtually and expand their knowledge on the sport.


What’s more? All this positive virtual engagement spurred Kavirishini on to join SINDA’s Guidance and Mentorship Programme (GAME) where she learnt all about art jamming and terrarium making.

“It was so smoothly executed. Materials for both activities were delivered to our doorsteps and all we needed to do was join the online sessions and follow what the instructors tell us. I’m so glad that SINDA was able to provide me fun online initiatives, during an extraordinary time like this!” said Mr Ramanathan.