"I’m very thankful for the self-development opportunities I’ve gotten through SINDA programmes. The many SINDA youth awards I have received have made me believe in myself more and I feel motivated to go on and achieve greater things!”

SINDA’s ITE Aspire and Guidance and Mentorship (GAME) are just some programmes that have played a key role in deterring Kavishka Sudesh Madhushanka from going wayward and falling into the hands of bad company. Knowing that such programmes are available to youth for self-development and character-building, he was quick to enrol himself and use them as meaningful platforms.

A SINDA youth since his secondary school days, Kavishka has become more self-aware over the years — honing his leadership skills, enhancing resilient-thinking and understanding the importance of teamwork through countless programmes. His efforts to better himself paid off when he was selected to be one of only ten students from his ITE course to complete a three-week overseas student exchange programme at Tangshan Polytechnic College in China in 2018. Today, the 19-year-old is a proud Peer Leader in SINDA’s programmes, guiding his fellow participants to believe in themselves and seize unlimited opportunities.