Nagappan Alagappan


"The Dad’s Journey programme has improved my parenting techniques and bettered my relationship with my daughters. Such programmes help us identify areas for change and these small refinements go a long way in enhancing the
father-child bond we build."

When Nagappan came to know that SINDA was offering workshops specifically for fathers, he signed up for it immediately! He was looking forward to learning more about the various stages of child development and how he could better support his children in their journey. His first session at SINDA’s Dad’s Journey programme was enjoyable and more importantly, an eye-opening experience that helped him reflect and evaluate his role and importance as a father.

Learning various skills and picking up tips throughout the workshop proved useful to Nagappan in strengthening his relationship with his daughters. He now feels much more confident in being an approachable father who understands their needs better and attends to them. Keen to partake in many more programmes to enhance his parenting style, Nagappan looks forward to being a role model to his daughters.