Rajendram Rajoo


"Witnessing my residents having fun at programmes and seeing individuals and families benefit from my efforts is rewarding and keeps me going.

By offering them services together with SINDA, I hope to inspire others to help the community. We are all one and must look after each other."

As Chairperson for the Zhenghua Community Centre Indian Activity Executive Committee (IAEC), Rajendram has been a passionate SINDA community partner over the years. He introduced several SINDA programmes such as LYNN, Project Guide and reading programmes in his community centre. Rajendram has also benefitted families in his neighbourhood by working with SINDA to visit and assist with their needs, through the Door Knocking Exercise.

Having always been passionate about helping his community, Rajendram goes the extra mile by identifying and referring residents who require help to SINDA’s Family Service Centre. Like many other partners, Rajendram’s unwavering dedication to the community has been pivotal to SINDA expanding its outreach efforts and impacting the lives of those in need.