Rameeza Bte Omar Farook

The More You Give, The More You Get... In Happiness

“We started off with providing meals every day to five people in our neighbourhood, sometime end of last year, and little did we think that it would grow into such a big initiative of its own! It was almost as if it was a calling, and we knew it’s something we wanted to continue with,” says 33-year-old Rameeza Bte Omar Farook

Rameeza, along with her husband and two children, are the founders behind ‘Feed Singapore’ – a community initiative to provide meals to elderly residents. The family of four initially relied on themselves, to manage food distribution to those in their area – mostly elderly residents who were either living alone or simply those who were looking forward to a tasty meal. Soon enough, they had more mouths to feed and that meant increased costs as well. But the family of four wanted to keep ‘Feed Singapore’ going.

“At one point, we needed to fork out from our own pockets and that’s when we realised that if we were to run this in a sustainable way, we needed to look for funding. One night, my husband and I sat down and started looking for aid available for such community-based efforts. It was then that we came across the SINDA Community Impact Fund (SCIF). We were very excited to apply for it because we knew we could rely on this fund to keep ‘Feed Singapore’ alive.”

Five months since the beginning of ‘Feed Singapore’, Rameeza now arranges close to 50 meals each week, for the underprivileged in her area. It is no longer just the four of them scurrying around to deliver food on time to beneficiaries but a team of volunteers helping to pack and distribute meals around the neighbourhood.

With her initiative growing from strength to strength, Rameeza is visibly happy as she shares her gratitude for the many volunteers and funding that have made her dream come true: “Each of us is just an individual, but together, we can do so much more. SINDA’s help through SCIF came at just the right time, and the funding encourages us to continue. At the end of the day, seeing the smiles on residents’ faces when they receive their meals is a reminder for us to never stop doing our part for the community.”

Learn more about the SINDA Community Impact Fund and how it can help fund your community cause at sinda.org.sg/scif