Sonya Kaur Pandey


"Since enrolling in LYNN, Sonya has gradually grown confident with writing alphabets and identifying numbers; it’s great to see her display so much interest in what she’s learning.

This gives us the confidence that she’s on the right track to being prepared for her primary school education.”

- Ranjeev Dave Pandey, Father of Sonya Kaur Pandey

After noticing their daughter’s interest in pictorial story books and numeracy-based cartoons, Ranjeev Pandey and Melvinder Kaur decided to enrol Sonya Kaur into SINDA’s Literacy and Numeracy (LYNN) programme. They believed it was the best platform to kick-start their daughter’s educational journey and help shape an already friendly Sonya into a steadfast young girl. Since attending the pre-school programme, the five-year-old is rarely seen without a book!

Not only has Sonya’s interest in reading grown, she also carries herself with more confidence. Today, the pre-schooler is an enthusiastic learner at LYNN sessions and looks forward to meeting her friends in class. She brings that excitement back home after her sessions and shares what she has learnt with her parents.

With less than a year left before starting primary school, Sonya’s parents believe LYNN has helped build their daughter’s confidence in a journey of lifelong learning.