Haripriyan & Nithish Priyan


“Not only have we improved in our subjects, we’ve also enjoyed learning them with our tutor. She taught us to better manage our time and work smarter. Now, when we see our improved grades, we feel more confident and want to keep improving ourselves to make our parents proud.”

Brothers Haripriyan and Nithish Priyan were both introduced to SINDA in 2018 when they enrolled in STEP tuition. Initially, they struggled to keep up with their peers and their grades suffered, together with their confidence. It was then that it came to light that the brothers did not struggle with lessons, but instead, could not see what their tutors were teaching!


The two boys were then referred to STEP’s Holistic Care Programme, where they received free spectacles and were also placed in Project Guide with a home-based tutor. This made a real difference to the two, who could now not only see clearly, but also had the support of a personal tutor to teach and guide them in their homework.

These interventions have resulted in tangible change - Haripriyan improved by two grades in his English, Tamil and Mathematics, while Nithish Priyan made improvement in English in his year-end examinations. These grade improvements have given the brothers a renewed sense of confidence and they now enthusiastically look forward to attending school!